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I’ve been helping people create spaces they love since 2013.  I believe we live our best lives when we simplify our belongings and create a beautiful space we want to spend time in. 
Several years ago my family of nine lived in a 3000 square foot home stuffed to the brim with things.  Every closet, every cupboard, every nook and cranny had things in it.  And yet we could never find anything.  Where were all the shoes disappearing to? 
We were working four jobs to maintain a lifestyle that had us drowning in stuff with no time together.  We wanted out of that life.  We sold our home and right-sized to a beautiful 1500 square foot home.  We edited down our belongings to what we loved and used often, reducing our items by 50%.  By simplifying we now have the time to do the things we love with the people we love the most.  I want that for you too!
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I'm Here to Help

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The First Step

First we figure out why you want to declutter the chaos.  How do you want this space to look and feel?  We identify what is the why motivating you to go thru the piles?  What do you want to be doing instead of continuing to organize the mess?


Less is More

Next we get honest and simplify the space.  What items do you love and use often?  What items no longer serve and support your current lifestyle?  How many black shirts does one person need?  I'm here to help walk you through the process of letting go to create space for the things that matter.

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Beautify Your Space

Think of this stage as the finishing touches.  Now we add in your personal flair and create a space that represents the current lovely you.  More than organizing, we are creating a space that invites you to be comfortable and inspired.




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